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Noel De Martin

Hi there!

My name is Noel. I am a developer and entrepreneur who loves to learn, solve problems, and build products that make an impact.

Welcome to my personal website. Take your time to look around, and if you want to talk with me don't hesitate on sending an email.

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My values

Values are abstract concepts, and sometimes they are perceived as buzzwords. But values are important to me and I try to embed them in my actions.

These are my values:

  • Autonomy
  • Awareness
  • Continuous improvement
  • Creativity
  • Education
  • Joy
  • Openness
  • Privacy
  • Quality > Quantity
  • Simplicity > Complexity
  • Sustainability
  • Work-life balance

My background

I have been working in the software industry since 2011. I enjoy programming in and of itself, but I've always cared about the impact of my code. That's what led me to entrepreneurship. I was involved with startups and bootstrapped projects for some years, but I've recently migrated into mission-driven organizations and I'm working on my own projects on the side.

I don't like talking about skills, because I think that experience and first principles are what's really important. But skills have an impact on our daily lives and shape our way of thinking, so they are worth mentioning. I've worked as a fullstack developer for mobile and web applications, and I love interacting with UI and UX designers. My frameworks of choice are Laravel for the backend and Vue for the frontend (although I don't do much backend these days because I'm building Solid Apps). For mobile I prefer building PWAs or hybrid apps. Whenever possible, I rely on The Web and open technologies.

I recently wrote a summary of my career in my blog: 10 Years as a Software Developer.

Or, if you prefer, you can just read my CV.

Beyond the code

This website and my online persona are mostly about my career and professional life. But maybe you'd like to see a little bit behind the curtain.

I am an avid Manga reader and I occasionally watch Anime as well. I also watch Movies and TV Shows often, but I cannot say that I have a favorite genre. Music is a big part of my life, and I listen to styles ranging from Death Metal all the way to Folk.

I also enjoy cooking (and eating, of course!). I specially like spicy food and craft beer, and I recently started growing plants at home. Eventually it would be nice to have a small vegetable garden, but for now I'm just learning to keep plants alive.

On occasion I like going for a hike, and I love traveling and learning about other cultures. You may like to know that my two favorite novels are The Sherlock Holmes Anthology and Musashi. I enjoy many art forms, and I have more content pending to consume than I'll be able in my life-time. Which makes for a very fun ride :).