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I am currently working at Moodle 4 days a week and doing side projects the rest of the time. I practice Open Productivity, and here you can see what I'm up to these days:

Implementing a Media Tracker using Solid

I've recently started using my Solid Task Manager in production. While I don't consider it finished, it's at a point where I can use it without adding more features. One of the things I want to do in my Path is to build the tools to have control in my digital life. I got tired of being at the mercy of others, so I don't want to use anything that doesn't embrace Autonomous Data. And the next step is to implement a Media Tracker.

At the moment, I am using TViso for tracking TV Shows and Movies, MyAnimeList for Manga and nothing for Books. I am not happy with either of those services, but given the vendor lock-in I can't easily switch to alternatives. This makes a great opportunity to continue expanding my toolbox.

My appetite for this task is of 40 hours with 5 weeks in real-time. Keeping this in mind, I'll scope this first version only to tracking Movies.

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