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I am currently working at Moodle 4 days a week and doing side projects the rest of the time. I practice Open Productivity, and here you can see what I'm up to these days:

After 10+ years making websites, you'd think I already know CSS. And I guess I do, but I don't really know CSS. As Josh W. Comeau puts it: "if you don't learn how its underlying systems work, your mental model will always be incomplete.".

So I am taking his course, CSS for JavaScript Developers.

I'm still on a path to rebuild my online experiences using Solid, and next up is an alternative to Evernote Food. It has been dead for years, so I've kept my cooking recipes in Evernote and the experience has been subpar. It's time to make it better.

In contrast with my previous Solid apps, this one will have sharing functionality from the beginning - because recipes are made for sharing! One of the things I'm looking forward to explore is Solid panes, or how to customize the display of a resource in its public url. I'll also make sure that this app works in different PODs, because NSS is not the only option anymore. I'll test with NSS, CSS, ESS and PSS.

And this will be the first time I use Vue 3 in an app, so a lot of things I'm excited for in this task!

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