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My name is Noel, I am a developer and entrepreneur who loves to learn, solve problems and build products that make an impact. I have been working on the software industry since 2011 in all kinds of projects and I’m always looking for new challenges.

It's awesome that you are here! Take your time to look around, and if you want to talk with me don't hesitate on sending an email.

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My values

Values is such an abstract concept, don't you think? Sometimes they may seem random words. But values are important to me. I try to embed them in my actions and are core to everything in my life. These are my values:

Programming & Entrepreneurship

I have been a developer since 2011. My story is quite uncommon, because when I started studying computer science in university, I had no idea of what programming was (really, I didn't even know the concept of a "variable"). And the funny story is that I choose that degree because I liked to use photoshop and math. Soon I found how different it is to use software and build software. But luckily for me, I fell in love with programming. Since then, I have always been passionate about coding and to this day I still enjoy learning about it. If I had to say why I like programming so much, it would be my drive to solve problems and how much I enjoy algorithmics and software architecture.

The other side of the coin is Entrepreneurship. I'm not sure that I like the word, because it can have so many connotations. What it means to me is not only thinking about a problem, but taking action and working towards results. From early on I've always cared about the purpose of my work and how it would affect the people using it. I also champion innovation and creativity; I believe programming is an extremely creative activity, and I always try to challenge preconceptions and improve.

Beyond the code

Other than what this website is mostly about, I have multiple interests that I try to balance with everything else. I love to travel and find new places and cultures, and I'm always looking for an opportunity to do some hiking or mountain climbing. One country I am specially fond of is Japan, since I am also an avid manga reader, and I recently started learning Japanese.

More interests include different ranges of rock and heavy metal music, doing sports and personal development. My favorite book is the Sherlock Holmes Anthology.

So, in a nutshell, that's me!