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BeastMasters: Twin Soul Legends

BeastMasters: Twin Soul Legends — Logo

BeastMasters: Twin Soul Legends was a mobile game that we launched in 2015. It was an online turn-based card game; think about it like a mix between Magic the Gathering and Chess — with a dash of League of Legends. A deck consisted of a bunch of creatures and some heroes. You would fight against other players in the Arena, and you could improve your deck with new cards as you leveled up.

It had a short run, but working on this project was extremely fun and I'm still proud of what we achieved. Under the hood, there was more than the eye could see. We rolled out a server to manage the library remotely, bots for training and tutorials, a custom protocol to synchronize (and replay) actions in real-time, and the characters even had a Lore that was never published.

This was a joint effort with multiple disciplines, and it was completely crafted in-house. We made all the programming from scratch, illustrations, design and even a soundtrack. Make sure to check out the team if you want to learn more about others who made this possible.

If you're curious, you can take a look at the images below and download the demo to play against bots. It's very reduced and you won't see everything the game had to offer, but it's enough to give you a taste of what it was. And it works offline, so it won't be a problem that the servers are no longer running.

Download demo