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Starting Something New

There is a feeling I enjoy a lot. The feeling of Starting Something New.

This is my first blog post, and because of my personality the first thing I did to prepare it was reading the first posts of blogs I follow. It didn't help too much, so I did a list of what I should include here and that's it, I started writing. It wasn't so painful as I thought it'd be.

Who Am I

I don't really know if anyone who doesn't already know me will even read this, but well in case that happens here you have what you can also read in the about section at the moment.

Hi there!

My name is Noel De Martin Fernandez. I am a Problem Solver, Software Architect and Entrepreneur. I created Lincoln's Chilli and I am in the process of exploring the market and creating my own framework to deliver services and products. I enjoy innovation and collaboration, so I am interested in different technologies and projects that open me to different possibilities.

I live in Catalonia (Spain) and you can check me out in Twitter or LinkedIn for more information. If you want to contact me, don't hesitate on sending an email.


As of my current situation, I recently quit my job (3 months ago) and I'm now trying to follow my dreams and passions. It's not as easy as it sounds, because for starters I don't even know what those are, but as they say “You don’t have to get it right, you just have to get it going”.

By the way, I already started something, and that's Lincoln's Chilli. Check it out, I call it my “entreprenurial sandbox”, and I want to someday convert it into a profitable company.

What this blog will be about

I have been thinking about writing a blog for a while. I would say as much as 4 years (more or less when I finished university and started reading some blogs). In all this time I have been taking note of ideas I had, but I never actually started a blog (you know, we're all too busy and that kind of excuses). But now there are no more excuses, so here it goes: Noel De Martin's Blog.

They say blogs should be focused in one topic, and I half agree with that. On the one hand, that's how a blog would get readers and create an audience, which gives the blog a reason to be. On the other hand, I don't really know if that'll happen even if I try, and the main focus for now is to write all this ideas I have floating in my head.

Happily for me, there is a way to fulfill both aspects of that. Because of my current situation, my passions and what I'd like to write about, I have realized everything can be summarized in one topic: Developer Entrepreneurship. Being myself a developer who is trying to become an entrepreneur (so I guess right now I am a wantrepreneur), this can be the perfect place to narrate my journey and the ideas I have during this evolution. I am particularly interested in this topic, because I think it is not covered as much as I would like. There is a lot of content about development, and also about entrepreneurship, but I haven't seen as much about the combination of both.

Final Words

So, that's what you can expect from this, kind of. Like always that I start something new, I am very excited about this and I am looking forward to see your opinions on my thoughts.

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