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Redefining Autonomous Data

A while ago I started working on a protocol that I called Autonomous Data, but I recently stopped working on it to learn Solid.

After working with Solid, I confirmed the philosophy is actually the same as the protocol I was creating. It differs only on implementation details. Since the philosophy is to give the control of the data to the user, it should be possible to migrate data between them.

So I've decided to transform the Autonomous Data protocol to a philosophy instead (I know calling it "a philosophy" is confusing, I'll search a better word). In reality that's all it was, because I still hadn't documented any of the implementation details. And I'll rename the implementation I was working on to another protocol compatible with the Autonomous Data philosophy.


Task started

I've updated the readmes in the Kinko and Focus repositories. They were my initial approach to Autonomous Data before learning about Solid. Since I don't think I'll be working on them for a while, I wanted to document the current status and indicate that they are not under development.

I think they are still valuable for research purposes, and this will also be useful if I ever want to start working on them again.

After giving it some thought I've finished the revamp of the Autonomous Data website. I ended up calling it an "architecture" and at some points an "ideology". I don't think it's right to only call it architecture because there are also some other implications that go beyond tech.

The site will probably stay as it is for a while. I'll focus my efforts on actually building Autonomous Data applications, and I may add a directory of apps there and in my site.

What would be great though is if I get some feedback!

Task completed