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At this time of the year, I'd usually be planning or being on holidays. Given the current situation, that is a bit uncertain. In any case, I'm taking a break from project work and I'll use this time to do some small things I have in my backlog.


Task started

I've been looking into my backlog and of course, I have more things than I'll ever be able to do (and it'll keep growing). But that's fine :) I like that idea, nothing is ever really finished. So I'm not getting bored anytime soon. I pulled a couple of things that I want to do before embarking into a new project, and I'll be focusing on those for a couple of months.

I always struggle to write. Meaning that I have to dedicate too much time, and I have other priorities. But I still think it's very important, and I want to continue honing my writing skills. This week I published a new blog post and I experimented a little with it. In particular, I didn't use "I" even once. I use it to much, and I think it's becoming a crutch in my writing. I won't continue this trend, but it was a good exercise. I also don't put writing this journal entries in the same category as writing blog posts. Here, it's fine to use "I" more often and I don't dedicate as much time either.

I also implemented the search page for the new documentation coming with Vue 3. This is useful for services redirecting to search results using a url, for example DuckDuckGo's bangs. Right now, if you search lifecycle hooks !vue in DuckDuckGo, it'll take you directly to the search results in the Vue docs. That's very useful, and in fact I was the one who implemented the search page and submitted the !vue bang to DuckDuckGo for the v2 docs. I also want to do the same for Cypress and I'll probably contribute the search page to VuePress, given that v3 docs are built with that.

Finally, I also decided on what to do with my holidays so I'll be out until August 24th. I'll still be available, but much less responsive (limited to replying emails/socials). For anyone interested, I'm going to do part of the Camino de Santiago, Northern Way.